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Munakahat (10)

Questions in regards to Islamic Family Law.

Question : Is it permissible for a widow who is still in iddah to perform Haj ?

Question : A married couple went for an oversea trip. However, the husband passe away during their trip. How should the wife spend her iddah ? Should she stay thereand spend her iddah or return to her homeland to complete her iddah ?

Question: Can a woman work and find employment nowadays? If not then who would shoulder the expenses of a grown woman?  

Question: Can an illegitimate daughter get married to her father?

Question: A father made a will(wasiyat)  that his daughter and son will have an equal share of the inheritance. Is this valid?


Question: Which gender is considered as non mahram for a khuntha whose gender is unidentified?

Question: My mother's youngest sister just got married. Her mother-in-law is still alive and she is already old. Can I shake her hand?

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Question: A couple married for over 25 years is now divorced. The wife wants half of all the wealth acquired during the marriage as matrimonial property. The husband denied her claim by pointing out that she was a simple housewife throughout their marriage and did not contribute to the wealth acquired. However, the wife argued that her contribution was the moral support she provided the husband and managing the household. All of this was done even though she did not have to do so. This allowed the husband to work unhindered. What is the ruling of matrimonial property and will the woman receive a share of the wealth?

Question: There was an unmarried woman who was supported by her adopted daughter. The woman was neglected by her caretaker uncle. When the woman passed away, she bequeathed her house and land to her adopted daughter but the uncle came claiming his right as the only legal heir the woman has to take all of her property. What is the ruling for such an action? Is it right according to Islamic Law? If so, is it not oppression against the adopted daughter?

Forced Marriage

on: 04/11/2019

Question: Are forced marriages permissible in this modern day and age? There are cases where the wali (the father or grandfather) intends marry off the girl in order to pay back his debts, to aging money and etc. while the daughter is unwilling to marry.