Madrasah Al Hikmah

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Muamalat (6)

Questions in regards to Islamic Commercial Law.

Advance sale

on: 06/12/2019


Is it permissible to offer an item to someone by using catalogue?


Ahmad is in need of money. In order to avoid usury(riba), ahmad buys zaid's car for RM 100,000 through one year installment. Then he will sell it back to zaid for RM 80,000 cash. Is this permissible?

Usury (riba)

on: 28/11/2019

Question: Zaid borrowed RM 90,000 from a chinese and he issued a post dated cheque for RM 100,000 as a payment. Is this permissible?

Question: A father had many children. Unfortunately, all of his children except one refused to take care of him. The father had a piece of land that he pawned for money. At one point, he said to the child who took care of him: “Redeem the land and have it for yourself”. Therefore, the child went and redeemed the land. Not long after, the father dies. Then came the other children claiming that the land should be divided amongst them. The child who took care of the father, objected by saying that the father had given the land to him but his other siblings argued by saying the gift is invalid because the agreement is between the father and the child only without any witnesses from the other children. The child not only lost his land but also the money used to redeem it. Is this decision correct? Is it true that the gift is invalid without any witnesses from the other children?


Question :Is it permissible to sell diamond to someone who intends to place it on a cross?

Question: A person prescribed to a contractor a house to be built for him (Istisna'). Hence, the contractor employed a builder to build the house. While building, the builder had placed the brace of the roof far from one another which caused the roof to collapse during a strong wind . The owner wants to claim his right from the responsible party but who is responsible? The contractor or the builder?.