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Ibadah (19)

Questions in regards to Acts of Worship.

Question : What is the ruling of attending the funeral of non-Muslim neighbor?

Civet's Coffee

on: 17/12/2019

Question : Is civet coffee permissible to drink ?

Woman working abroad

on: 17/12/2019

Question: Can a woman work abroad?


Question: I went for a class in a masjid right after Zuhr prayer. The class ended right before the time of Asr. When the class ends, Im not sure whether Im still in wudu' or not. So what should I do?

Question: while walking around in the museum I passed by a group of students. Some are Muslims and some non-Muslim, the question is: can I say salam to them.

Question: What is the ruling of an old woman's wuduu when she shakes the hand of her cousin or other relative who is also an old man. Is the wuduu broken or not?

Question: Is it permissible for a non Muslim to enter a masjid?

Question: If my nose bleeds or my pimple or boil bursts in my solah, will my solah be valid?

Question: What will happen to our solah if a dropping of lizard falls on us? Should we repeat our solah?

Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim to share microwave with a non-Muslim who uses it to heat non-halal food?


on: 22/11/2019

Question : I'm on my way to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur. I couldn't manage to stop at the rest place to perform solah for some reasons until I reach Singapore where I will stay as a muqim (resident). The question is, can I still make qasar (to shorten) the salah or jama' (to join) the two salah or do I need to make qodo' ?


What is the ruling for a Muslim to study another religion in order to find its faults? Did Nabi S.A.W. encourages to do so?

Jama' And Qasar

on: 11/11/2019

Question: Is it permissible for someone to make Jama' and Qasar everyday because of his office being located 100 kilometers away from his house?

Question: In some non Muslim countries, there are halal shops which have non Muslim workers. So we are uncertain about the cook whether he is a Muslim or not. Is it permissible to eat in that restaurant?

Question: In some non muslim countries, halal foods are the least found. If an Iranian shop is the closest and easiest to find, should we go there? Plus they are the Shi' ah that claimed that Ali R.A is higher than Nabi.

Question:Shafi'ii lives in a Hanafi community, he follows a Hanafi imam in Fajr prayer who doesn't perform qunut. Is it permissible for the Shafi'ii to perform the qunut?

Question: Is praying on a chair permissible even though one is able to make sujud?

Question: What type of sicknesses allows Solah to be preformed while sitting?

Question: Which sitting position is more preferable in Solah? Sitting on a chair or on the ground?