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by Ml. Taha Karan

It with interest that I read an article about a forum on domestic violence and the Islamic tradition of recent held in Kuala Lumpur. A central theme at this forum was the reform of Muslim family law, with specific reference to areas of tension between Islamic law and modern notions of justice and gender equality. Of particular significance was the suggestion that the reform of Islamic law should be steered along the same trajectory as contemporary Islamic finance.

Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Ishaq of Azaadville once mentioned that Ka’bah is a headquarters and all other masjids are the branches. The functions of the branches should be the same as that of their headquarters. The ulama’, being the heirs of Rasulullah s.a.w., are to run these branches using the same syllabus;


The Ruh

on: 22/06/2012

Even if a person learns chapters upon chapters about the method of performing solah, and he reads books upon books regarding the rewards of ibadah and got excited to perform more ibadat, but what will this all mean if the heart is filled with the love for name and fame. What will one do with good deeds which are devoid of sincerity, hope in Allah and fear for His anger?