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on: 04/11/2016

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1. Parents/guardians and students are expected to comply with the Madrasah’s regulations and adhere strictly to dates stipulated on the academic calendar.
2. Parents/guardians are expected to plan family vacations or Umrah trip that it takes place during holiday time.
3. To avoid any ill feeling due to refusal, they are advised not to request for any extra holiday, except if;
           -The student is ill
           - or an immediate family member passes away.
4. The Madrasah does not consider a brother’s wedding and other such ceremonies a need for a student to be absent.
5. Months wherein there is no long break, students are allowed to go home for one Weekend Off. The Weekend Off is stipulated by the Madrasah.
6. Students should be back in Madrasah from holidays and weekends off by Sunday before Maghrib (7:00 pm).

General Weekend

1. The weekend of the madrasah is on Sunday only.
2. Parents are allowed to visit their children between Asar and Maghrib prayers.
3. Students are allowed to go out during this 2 hours break; they should be back at the surau before Maghrib prayer.
4. No one is allowed to take anyone else's child out unless a written permission from his parent is obtained.

Weekend Off

1. Madrasah official study days are Monday to Saturday.
2. Weekend Off is a long weekend where a Saturday is added to the Sunday break.
3. Students are allowed to go home during the Weekend Off.
4. Students are not allowed to go home during other weekends.
5. Weekend Off is fixed and stipulated by the madrasah as stated on the academic calendar.
6. Students should be back at the surau for Maghrib solah on the Sunday.


Staying back

1. Parents are discouraged from leaving their children at the madrasah during a long holiday.
2. Students who reside at the madrasah during a long holiday are bound by the rules and regulation of the madrasah.
3. Permission should be sought from a teacher or a responsible student at the madrasah to leave and enter the premise.
4. Leaving and entering the premise during a long holiday should be recorded in the register provided.


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