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Madrasah Al Hikmah

Student enrollment procedure 


 1. Applying for Alim OR Tahfiz Courses

> Download and fill in the application form. For Application Form click HERE

> Email the application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

> Please attach the following documents with the application form: 

   - A copy of latest academic results 
   - A copy of transfer letter/ Letter of completion from previous school 
   - A copy of birth certificateoridentity cardorpassport 
   - A copy of identity card of parent/ guardian



2. Appointment 

After submitting the application form, please contact Ustaz Farid to arrange for an interview.  

Contact  number: +6010 202 7907 (Ustaz Farid - Phone/SMS/Whatsapp) 



3. Interviewing 

The interview is to determine: 

- the student's interest in the course

- the student's ability to take up the course

- the student's willingness to abide by rules and regulations 



4. Processing 

The application will be evaluated within a month.  



5. Offering 

If the application is successful an offer letter will be issued to the applicant.



6. Registering 

To accept the offer, registration fee will be made to the Madrasah on behalf of the applicant on the Registration Day. 



7. Check-in

Once registered, the place will be confirmed and the student can come on the Check-In Day. 


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