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Written by: on: 22/06/2012

Even if a person learns chapters upon chapters about the method of performing solah, and he reads books upon books regarding the rewards of ibadah and got excited to perform more ibadat, but what will this all mean if the heart is filled with the love for name and fame. What will one do with good deeds which are devoid of sincerity, hope in Allah and fear for His anger?



If he has a lot of ibadat in his account; salah, zakat, sadaqah, hajj, umrah, welfare work, jihad, dakwah, but there is no ikhlas, then all that has no value; it is like a whole lot of zeros. Millions of zero is still zero. Value will only come when a number is placed in front of the zeros. Once a value comes in front of these zeros, suddenly all these zeros become valuable. The more valuable qualities are found in the heart, the more valuable these ibadat will be.


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