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Civet's Coffee

on: 17/12/2019

Question : Is civet coffee permissible to drink ?




Answer : Civet coffee is a coffee that includes partially digested coffee cherries which are eaten and defecated by the civet. Fermentation occurs when the cherries pass through a civet's intestines.

They are then collected for further cleansing and processing after being defecated with the fecal matter. 


If the seed that comes out from the animal's stomach is in good condition that it can grow if planted, then the beans are not themselves impure but they are soiled with impurities. In this case the bean have to be cleansed until no effects of impurities left . Then only it can be consumed.

However if the bean are dead then it can't be purified. (Nihayatul Muhtaj 1\146 - 147)


.نعم لو رجع منه حب صحيح صلابته باقية بحيث لو زرع نبت كان متنجسا ولا نجسا، يحمل كلام من أطلق نجاسته على ما أذا لم يبق فيه تلك القوة .و من أطلق كونَه متنجسا على بقاءها فيه كما في نظيره من الروث 



Prepared by : Syarifuddin Sam & Amirin Khai of Alim 5.

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