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What I Desire More Than Anything in this World

What I Desire More Than Anything in this World


In This day and age, many of us have become materialistic. They desire more than anything else; beautiful houses, shiny cars, nice clothes, delicious foods and other material things. This desire is the result of too much love for this world. This is the reason why they have forgotten the Hereafter which is our true home where we will stay forever.


As a muslim, I only desire Jannah. May Allah give it to me and to all muslims who are worshipping Him. I will not say I do not desire material things as well, but I try to only desire  that which will benefit me in this world and the Hereafter. For example, I want to become an Alim who fears Allah, marry a girl with beauty and knowledge, who belongs to a noble family and most important that she fears Allah. I would also love to have children one day who are god – fearing. But my biggest desire to leave this world as a true muslim and true believer in Allah and a true follower of His messenger ( S.A.W ).


May Allah make this dream come true for me and all the muslims in the world, Amin!

By : Hamza of Philippines

(Alim 1)


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