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Madrasah Al Hikmah

Welcome to Madrasah Al-Hikmah!

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The Alim Course is a course tailored for the preservation of Islamic legacy, value and practice.

The course's vision is to produce scholars who are able to guide and lead the future.

The course is conducted in classroom environment with practical application in school premises.

Students are boarded in with a current enrollment of approximately a hundred students.


Dari Chisht ke Deoband

on: 13/03/2019

Mengimbas silsilah Cishti dan tiga silsilah yang berkaitan; Suhrawardi, Naqshbandi dan Qadiri

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Assalaamu'laikum, Dear students and parents.

▪ Application for 2020 is now closed. There is no vacancy/space available at the moment.

▪Any application that we receive will be listed in the WAITING LIST APPLICATION.

▪We will not accept immediate registration. Applications has to be sent first via email, then we will send a notice when to register. In-Sha Allah.

▪Kindly spread this message to others who intend to apply at Madrasah Al-Hikmah to avoid any disappointment.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


For Application Form click HERE